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Welcome to our accountancy section and partner programme. Our partner programme ensures you and your clients receive the service and support you need and gain the results you deserve for your efforts. Here, you will find a wealth of information which explains how we work with individual accountants and accountancy firms to maintain a “win-win-win” partnership, focused on bringing maximum value to your clients in a professional and ethical way based on mutual respect and trust.

What services, support and benefits do we offer as part of our partner programme?

How do we work with partners and your clients to provide an excellent experience?

We are here to ensure innovation and investment is recognised and rewarded by taking advantage of available government funding. Our expertise is proven to help your clients claim Research & Development (R&D) tax credits, Patent Box, Capital Allowances and Remediation of Contaminated Land tax reliefs, and innovation grants services.

A flexible partnership model

We provide a flexible partnership model which reflects the changing nature of the professional services world. In addition, we work with partners to build a bespoke approach which ranges from an occasional referral to a full-blown business outsource or provision of a managed service. This can include marketing, technical and operational support to deliver an excellent client experience. Our business model is based on B2B networks and partnerships and focuses on a defined range of specialist services.

We operate within clear boundaries and do not step on the toes of partners, some of which chose to take advantage of our specialist capabilities on a selective basis.

We are established partners of leading industry bodies including IFA and the Law Society, working with each to ensure their members provide best practice support to their clients in our areas of expertise. We have built and are continually investing in an expert team of consultants and strongly believe in using the right people to do the right jobs.

R&D tax credit services, as an example, are best delivered using a specialist team with practical experience and knowledge of what does and doesn’t count as qualifying expenditure, as well as have strong client relationship skills more so than high-level tax geniuses. People and relationships are critical – therefore, each partner can choose named relationship and technical support leaders with the scope to deploy our resources in line with our engagement approach.

The opportunities associated with tax relief services

Tax relief services provide a great way for you to increase the value you provide and your level and quality of interaction with clients from a tactical and strategic viewpoint.

Tactically, tax reliefs present an excellent opportunity for you to engage proactively and generate quick client value, often in the form of cash benefits.
Strategically, tax reliefs can be an integral part of your portfolio of tax planning services and be utilised within your wider remit of optimising any client’s tax position, in line with their business and personal objectives.

There is a significant market opportunity as, according to HMRC statistics, there are still 100,000s of clients around the UK who have yet to claim these legitimate tax reliefs.

Our goal is to collaborate with accountants to provide client access to professional tax relief services delivered in an ethical way and we have considerable experience of three key situations:

1. Working with accountants who do not or cannot provide tax relief services at all, normally through lack of knowledge, internal expertise or time.
2. Working with accountants who want a specialist service partner, normally as recognition that some services are better delivered by a specialist with expertise and repeatable business processes.
3. Working with accountants who want to outsource to a specialist service partner, normally to control operating costs, improve focus, free internal resources or manage engagement risk.

We also work with accountants who believe they may have no client demand for tax relief services to help validate this position. And with accountants who provide services themselves, normally as part of a wider offering and/or as a way of gaining market share in other areas.

The threats associated with tax relief services
Some accountants who offer tax relief services may not be completely aware of the different criteria that qualifies a claim, causing clients to miss out on benefits and open themselves to risk. They may also have higher opportunity cost for delivering these services than originally thought.

However, if you don’t provide tax relief services, somebody else will. If you’re fortunate, it will be a specialist and your client will gain benefit; your direct loss may only be a fee, though there is also reputation and relationship risk. If you’re unfortunate, it will be one of your competitors and they will use their success as a strategic bridgehead.

Collaborating with accountancy firms has always been a core part of our strategy, initially providing specialist capital allowances support and now in other areas of tax relief and grants. We have aggregated this experience into a flexible partner programme for accountants who share our values and are looking to:

Generate tax savings and improve cash flow using HMRC-approved tax services
Access innovation grants to help fund client growth
Protect and expand your practice
Develop yourself and your team
Enhance client service
Improve the stickiness of existing client relationships
Drive new revenues
Win new client relationships
Support an advisory approach
Grow revenues in adjacent service areas

If this sounds like you…

A flexible resource relationship


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Case Study

Russell & Russell

We have referred a number of clients to Catax over the past few years We and our clients have always been delighted with the highly professional service provided by the team at Catax. We know our limitations and when it is best to pass things like R&D claims to the specialist experts rather than trying to calculate a claim ourselves.

As well as being able to maximise any potential R&D claim, Catax gives us and our clients the total comfort that they will be there to deal with any questions that HMRC might have about the R&D claim. I would not hesitate in recommending the team at Catax."

Ian McMonagle
Russell & Russell

Cadman & Ross

In order to completely unlock the full tax benefits that can be hidden within commercial properties, you need time, resource and specialist expertise WAs a busy accountancy firm, this is an area of taxation where we have found our partnership with Catax invaluable. Not only do they help us, and our clients, but they also work with us proactively, to help us identify opportunities that we had not previously considered. This enables us to concentrate on our core business, whilst Catax work in the background, providing us with an additional service to offer our clients and also a substantial, new revenue stream for our business.”

Malcom Ross
Gleek, Cadman & Ross

Accountancy & Business Solutions

We as accountants, have used Catax now for just over four years and introduced many of our clients. We have found them extremely helpful at all stages of our clients’ R&D claims and most, importantly, very knowledgeable in gaining maximum value to all claims. I would have no hesitation in recommending them and continue to do so."

Jon Ashworth
Accountancy & Business Solutions

Colin Tunstall Chartered Accountants

"I have worked with Nigel and his R&D Team a number of times now with various clients and have found them to be very professional, great at communicating with us and our clients, they keep all parties informed throughout the whole process and always respond quickly and efficiently to queries.

Their results speak for themselves as all claims for my clients have been successful and we have all been very happy with the outcomes. I would not hesitate to recommend Nigel and the R&D Catax Team and I look forward to working with them in the future!

Michael Nelson
Colin Tunstall Chartered Accountants

Our Process

1. We understand your world

2. Jointly plan our engagement

3. We deliver insight and action

4. Continuous communication

5. We are there to support you

6. We add value

“A very professional and an efficient team.”

"Catax have been dealing with R&D tax reclaims for our clients, we have found them to be very professional and an efficient team. We highly recommend them. They always give the time to explain. We and our clients get support all the time which is useful and our clients have all had their R&D tax refunds.”

Bunmi Ajayi – Goldwyns

"Catax have provided a first class service"

“We specialise in working with property clients and claiming capital allowances on Serviced Accommodation (FHL) has been of critical importance, Catax have provided a first class service and maximised the potential claims, highly recommended”

Steve Bicknell – Bicknells

“They have got some fantastic results for our clients!"

"I would like to thank Richard and the team for their hard work on behalf of our clients over the last couple of years. We have only worked with Richard for a relatively short time, but have been impressed by his organisation and the detailed approach of Catax. Ultimately they have got some fantastic results for our clients!”

David Rogers - Bernard Rogers & Co

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