Blog: Catax goes Green!

Date: September 12, 2019

Recently at Catax there has been a huge push from the staff at all levels to improve our carbon footprint.

Some of our eco-friendly enthusiasts have joined forces to make a ‘Green Team’ who regularly meet up and come up with ideas to improve the sustainability of our day-to-day office activity.

The Green Team are, L-R, Alex, Rachel, Shaida, Sarah, Jade, Lily, Rory and Dan.

The month of September has in fact been promoted as our Green Month, aimed at educating staff on how to be more eco-friendly at work and in their personal lives, as well as organising events which help the environment.

Some of this activity includes pledging to eat less meat, use more public transport, carbon offsetting travel and using less one-use plastic. We’ve even convinced some of our board members to go Vegan for the month which has been a great example to the wider-business!

One of the recent impacts our Green Team have had is switching our office milk to plant-based products, including; oat, soya and almond, which has had a hugely positive impact so far, what with the amount of tea and coffee we drink!

On a more company-wide scale, all our office lighting has been switched to the highest possible energy-saving option, in order to lower our energy consumption. We also acknowledge that some of our teams need to travel for meetings and client consultations, so as of 2019, we have swapped all our company cars to Hybrid cars. This means as a company, we are emitting almost half of the carbon dioxide than conventional cars would.

We also encourage cycling and public transport as much as possible and have shower facilities in the office for those who cycle in along with being part of the Cycle to Work scheme.

We are always looking for new and innovative ways that we can encourage staff to be more conscious of their carbon footprint and social issues, as well as finding opportunities as a business to reduce our waste and are aware this is an ever-evolving project for the business.

If you have any suggestions on what else we can do as a company to be more eco-friendly, contact us at

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