Blog: It’s Not Easy Being Green!

Date: August 21, 2017

Making the move to being a greener business is always going to be a huge mental shift for any company. From the initial flurry of putting up signs and ordering multiple new recycling bins that seems a little counterintuitive, to remembering to flick off a few more switches and not making an entire pot of coffee for just two people.

We, as most companies do, have started with the basics.  Our confidential waste company, Shred-it, recycle all our paper waste, new internal policies are geared towards being energy efficient and being paperless where possible. Our fruit deliveries come in reusable cardboard boxes and our milk bottles now go onto the plastics recycling.

The decision to ‘Go Green’ was a pretty simple one; cut down on waste, promote a healthier planet, working style and team of staff. The choice was a no-brainer; it might take a little more work, but these changes will benefit everyone. Catax has just started ‘Going Green’, and we hope to find new ways of being environmentally friendly moving forwards, from our focus on recycling to having a few more plants around the office. We look forward to seeing where this takes us!

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