Blog: Why it’s important to have a positive working culture

Date: January 30, 2019

By Alexandra Witek, Business & Marketing Support Executive at Catax.

We understand that people’s motivations to work may be different; some may have a family to support or bills to pay, and some may need an opportunity to learn and develop skills and office experience. At Catax, our opinion is that, if people enjoy the environment they work in, they are more likely to be productive, engaged and invested in their work. We make it our mission to listen to the concerns of our teams and make the appropriate adjustments to create a culture where staff enjoy their time at work. Yes, we said enjoy! It’s not impossible; let me explain where and how we have chosen to invest in our people because they are the foundations of Catax.

A recent staff survey showed that 85% of Catax staff have fun at work which has increased by 17% from last year. So, what have we done to deserve such positive feedback?

With the rapid growth of Catax and our team almost *doubling in size, we decided to migrate to a new office in Altrincham, which offers plenty of light, space and room for activities, not to mention a private car park avoiding those nasty parking tickets.

Our aim for the new office was to create a space that reflects our core values; Collaboration, Passion, Integrity, Accountability and Excellence. With the increase in size, we aim to remain a tight-knit community at Catax and never want to lose our collaborative culture. Therefore, we introduced the Friday Shout, which sees the entire Head Office unite to share breakfast every Friday while our Senior Managers share exciting news and updates for the week. This precious time also allows for personal shout-outs, celebrating hard-working individuals and their recent successes. For example, we recently awarded our Employee of the Quarter who won £1000 cash and the infamous Catax trophy to take home. The prizes don’t stop there. We also run countless incentives throughout the year to encourage our passionate teams to share their bright ideas to the wider business. Individuals win thousands throughout the year and not to mention the internal referral scheme and yearly bonus available to everyone!

The new office also has a spacious breakout area, The Oasis, which offers everyone the chance to take a relaxed lunch hour, chat with their colleagues or even play some table tennis or pool with our new facilities which have been fantastic for team morale!

Moreover, we feel that it’s the little things that count, the day-to-day treats that make the most impact — from help-yourself fruit baskets, encouraging a healthy diet to free yoga sessions and flexible working hours. We try to cater to everyone, regardless of their circumstances. Being able to increase our team engagement, in turn, helps us achieve our company mission ‘to always be the first-choice specialists for Capital Allowances, Research & Development and the Patent Box tax reliefs’ while supporting our people and giving them the opportunity to shape their future.

To aid our teams in their professional development, we offer internal and external training to encourage everyone to become a specialist in their chosen area. Three of our most recent team members who have taken on the challenge; Chris, Leanne and Rob; are all on track to become qualified through Association of Tax Technicians (ATT) and Association of Account Technicians (AAT). Leanne says, “It’s great to know anyone who wants to learn and develop more skills has the opportunity to do so, it motivates you to improve continuously and creates a determination inside to succeed in whichever area you decide”.

Finally, we believe it’s important to develop meaningful relationships with your colleagues, which is why we treat our teams to fun events and experiences throughout the year, to encourage people to be more than just colleagues, but to be friends. In the week, we can spend more hours in the day at work than at home, and that’s why we know it’s important to enjoy the company in which you work; plus, seeing the smiles on everyone’s face makes it all worth-while.

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