Gain recognition from your IP investment

Catax are proud to have partnered with intellectual property (IP) experts, Metis Partners, as their official tax relief adviser.

Metis Partners, in association with UMI, created the IP100 innovator ranking; profiling innovative companies across the UK and providing an annual ranking of firms based on the strength of their IP assets.

The IP100 offers a platform for IP-rich companies to gain recognition for the investment they have made in their IP.

It enables companies to better articulate their investment in IP assets and the subsequent value that they have harnessed. It makes it easier for them to demonstrate that IP assets are critical to their business model and how they plan to leverage these assets in order to generate financial return. This is important not just for external communications with current and future investors, lenders and ultimately acquirers, but also for internal communications.

Entering the IP League Table can also help promote a stronger internal IP culture helping sustain innovation and IP asset development as the business grows.

By entering the IP100, companies will be able to secure an ROI on their IP assets by:

  • • Getting the company noticed by potential acquirers and investors
  • • Increasing their exit valuation
  • • Improving their ability to win business through being recognised as an innovator
  • • Increasing the business valuation pre-fundraising
  • • Developing their IP assets using the IP100 as a new IP standard / benchmark, focused on the best practice and IP management
  • • Using their IP100 logo in marketing to demonstrate their commitment to good IP management

To find out more, please visit their website

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