Blog: A day in the life of a Research & Development Auditor

Date: August 21, 2017

By Dr. Raymond Nilson, Research and Development Audit Team Manager

I gain a deep sense of satisfaction as a Research and Development auditor for Catax. When I wake up in the morning in any part of the country, I always feel a sense of intrigued anticipation regarding the types of projects I will be learning about. This is one of the most appealing aspects of being a Research and Development Auditor. You are exposed to a plethora of diverse companies that work within disparate industries.

As a result, you have the chance to learn about and see things that most of the populace generally never encounter. Such industries range from aerospace, medical technology, 3D printing, food production, engineering, dentistry, and software development to name a few. Yet, it is the diverse nature of these projects that capture your attention, including the astonishing diversity of people who work on them on a daily basis. When you become fully immersed in this role, you begin to comprehend that the advances in science and technology are infinite. More often than not, the advances of which I speak are being laboured on to make the world of which we all inhabit a better place to live. And this is not within a solitary sector. It is pervasive.

I have seen projects ranging from the creations of 3D prosthetics for potential amputee patients, to projects that strive for a devoted answer to the eradication of fossil fuel burning through innovations concerning the development of renewable energy solutions. Moreover, you regularly get to feel like you have made a difference to a company’s future, as many times, the tax relief they obtain from research and development tax credits is vital to their ongoing success and survival as a business. And when you think about the knock-on effect of providing them with that government benefit, you could have assisted a number of people to remain in employment. As a result, your daily operations as a Research and Development Auditor are never static.

They are dynamic and in a constant state of flux. It is a role that allows you to see all the corners of the United Kingdom during the perpetual changing of the seasons, consistently engaging with different communities and new faces. It is a role where you always make new friends and acquaintances. This also has an advantage in the form that you possess constant opportunities to build new business relationships and networks. But this doesn’t come to a halt on the road.

When you return to the office, you are always greeted with the familiar sights, sounds, and friendly faces that make-up the backbone of the company. The tireless efforts of our amazing office-based staff make it even more of a pleasure to work for Catax. They are always there for you, providing assistance in any shape or form. Nothing is too much of a hassle for them and they regularly transcend their duties to go that extra mile, even when we as Auditors are hundreds of miles away on the phone, in the middle of nowhere, and need help for whatever reason. They are people you can always rely on. This is a role that provides you with substance, variety, and pride, and I would never have it any other way.


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