Testimonials Capital Allowances

With 14 years’ experience, we’ve gained an impressive list of satisfied clients who have all had money put back in their pockets. Here’s what some of them had to say about working with us.

Sean Barker

First Tunnels

“Happy to recommend Catax. We have had three claims, all successful.”

Barbara Drake

Tyn Y Fron

“A professional service that was delivered in a timely manner.”

Ralph Greenwall

Ashwell Medical Centre

“Catax helped us find and claim £70,000 worth of Capital Allowances from practice building work dating back almost 20 years! Dosen’t get much better than that!”

Dr Ujjal Sarkar

Lincoln Road Medical Practice

“This is the second time I have used Catax. They are a friendly professional and organised company that have helped us with our goals.”

Janet Jones

HS & JE Jones Ltd

“Second time we have used Catax, once again the process was simple and straight forward.”

Nigel Rea

Mitchells Grievson Limited

“Fast, efficient and professional service.”

Paul Rossiter

Pure Leisure

“We have had an excellent service from Catax, who have delivered professional, clear and fast communication throughout. Thanks to the Catax team, we have identified a significant sum in Capital Allowances on our Golf Club. We look forward to continue working with them in the future.”

Simon Jeffrey

Menai Holiday Cottages Limited

“An excellent service from start to finish.”

David Pirkis

Sloane & Pirkis LLP

“We have a small portfolio of commercial and industrial properties. Catax was able to establish substantial unutilised capital allowances in several properties which have resulted in significant tax savings for myself and my partner. The advice was professional and the work carried out with the minimum of disruption and of input by us. I would be happy to recommend the Catax team.”

Tamsyn Hendry

“I was signposted to Catax via my accountant. From the first meeting through to completion of the process, I dealt with same person; Grace. Surveys were organised when worked for us, the process was straight forward and transparent, with an amazing outcome. Our first corporation tax bill since moving to our new premises is £0 thanks to the process undertaken by Catax, with further funds to come off our next corporation tax at the end of next year. I had no idea this tax relief existed and it has made a huge difference to us and has made all the expenditure less painful financially. I would recommend this company to anyone without reservation. Great customer service, runs like clockwork and stress free.”

Janet Jones

HS and JE Jones Ltd

“A friendly and professional service.”

Ian Lancaster

Kirklinton Properties Ltd

“Claiming Capital Allowances relief has been effortless with the help of Catax, the staff have been very communicative and the process simple. Catax managed to identify over £32,000 in Capital Allowances on my property, I would highly recommend their services.”

Andy Nicol

“The purchase and refurbishment of the property would not have been feasible without Catax’ expert advice and support they provided our accountant.”

Dr Richard Lynch-Blosse

Clifton Hampden Surgery

“What’s to lose? Surpassed expectations.”

Stephen Beard

“A very good experience, would definitely use Catax again.”

Chris Stoppard

Dr Richard Wise & Partners

“Really efficient process , would highly recommend.”

Graham Tomkins

Goodwill Solutions Property Ltd

“Catax did what they said they would do in timely fashion and zero outlay. A good experience.”

John Purdy

Galley Associates Ltd

“Catax provided a thorough and professional service throughout enabling me to take advantage of tax breaks to reinvest in to my business.”

Dr Christina Sendegeya

Fir Tree Drive South Medical Centre

“Positive experience from start to finish All the staff knew what they were doing, explained it to me, very courteous I have recommended the company to my colleagues already.”

David Cook

“Efficient, professional and easy to deal with, what’s not to like?”

Stephen Doble

The Manor Hotel

“Very satisfied professional service.”

Leanne Silverwood

“The service was efficient and friendly, they explained the process well and politely chased me when I was lax with my information and timings.”

Lucy Evans

The Crown Surgery

“Our claim was dealt with professionally by friendly staff who were happy to answer any queries we had along the process.”

Jean Campbell

“I was impressed by the efficiency and professionalism shown by Catax staff.”

Rizwan Solungi

“I have had opportunity to deal with Catax in 2014 when they had recovered a substantial amount of allowance which helped payoff some extra business bills.”

Wilson Anderson

Dunavon House Hotel Ltd

“A very Professional service carried out efficiently and without disruption.”

Kate Bretton

“Without knowing much about Catax I found the service very personable and smooth.”

Alastair Gove

“Catax provided a very professional approach to the question of Capital Allowances and were very helpful in producing a good result.”

Yolanda Jones

Plas Newydd Care Ltd

“I am grateful for the tax allowance received. Thank you.”

Roland Gude

“Catax have guided us through our process of claiming tax relief on our practice. Throughout they have been informative and supportive and without their expert advice we would not have known how to proceed. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to claim Capital Allowances tax relief.”

Peter Harrington

“I have to admit that when our accountants suggested you could prepare a capital allowances claim, I was very sceptical.  I really thought it would be a waste of time, especially bearing in mind the limited information we were able to give you. However, your team have done a very professional job, and we stand to gain many £1000s from the work they have carried out.”

Duncan Carter

BPK Estate Agents

“I have now worked with Catax on Capital Allowances claims for two properties. They have provided an exceptional service throughout the process and successfully completed our claim for the qualifying property with minimal input from ourselves, whilst maintaining excellent communication and requesting only the information that was required. I would highly recommend their services as we would not have been able to process these claims as effectively without their help and expert knowledge.”

Howard Braband

“The team at Catax have proved invaluable in processing our Capital Allowance claim. The communication throughout the process has been great and the specialist knowledge they have provided allowed this claim to process with minimum time being taken from our busy schedule. I would highly recommend their services.”

Dr Robert Daniels

“Catax have directed us through the process of claiming our Capital Allowances tax relief on two medical centres, identifying over £115,000 in claimable Capital Allowances. The knowledge and guidance the Catax team provided was excellent, we would not have been able to process this claim as smoothly or effectively without them.”

Lucy Docking

Dental Precision and Revitalise Dental Centre

I was contacted as a cold call by CATAX and they tried to explain the service they offered – I asked for it to be sent in an email. Questioning myself thinking this was a scam I sent the email to our accountants who replied saying we had nothing to lose. I then thought it would probably be loads of admin time and finding paperwork but thought I would give it a go. Wow! so pleased I went ahead, it really wasn’t very difficult or time consuming and we received a fantastic result.

Brian Reay

Pagg Properties Ltd

“I write to thank you and your business team at Altrincham for the professional advice which you have recently provided to us. More-over, I wish to highlight the way in which your team responded to our particular requirements to undertake the necessary survey and report within the time constraints we had to impose. Your team acted with understanding and an ability not always evident in modern organisations. I would be pleased to recommend your services to others in the commercial property market who I am sure would benefit as we have done.”

Malcom Ross

Gleek, Cadman & Ross

“In order to completely unlock the full tax benefits that can be hidden within commercial properties, you need time, resource and specialist expertise. As a busy accountancy firm, this is an area of taxation where we have found our partnership with Catax invaluable. Not only do they help us, and our clients, but they also work with us proactively, to help us identify opportunities that we had not previously considered. This enables us to concentrate on our core business, whilst Catax work in the background, providing us with an additional service to offer our clients and also a substantial, new revenue stream for our business”

Debbie Chinn-Shaw

Keevil & Co Chartered Accountants

“I came across Catax at an ICAEW event I attended. Their presentation highlighted the significant amounts of hidden tax relief in commercial property. I had been reluctant in the past about making a Capital Allowances claim for one of my clients who has a commercial property – I felt sure that the time and cost involved would outweigh any benefit the company would receive. However, during the initial consultation Catax reassured me that if they couldn’t identify over £25,000 of unclaimed Capital Allowances, there would be no charge at all. With this in mind, my client and I decided to engage Catax’s services. The process itself was very straightforward and only required a few hours of the company’s time. In the end, Catax identified £56,137 of unclaimed Capital Allowances. I was very impressed with the detailed report they provided and their financial summary made it very simple to prepare a revised claim to submit to HMRC. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

Rob Young

SB&P Chartered Accountants

“Having now worked with Catax for a number of years I’m delighted to be able to recognise the high degree of professionalism and diligence shown by your organisation. Over the period you have processed a number of claims and achieved a significant number of successful repayments. I look forward to our continuing to work with you in the future.”

Peter Ward

PKW Accounting

“We have worked with John Horrocks of Catax when dealing with larger, more complex capital allowances claims. John and his teams expertise in the field, gives piece of mind that our clients receive the maximum relief from capital allowances within the constraints of capital allowances legislation. We at PKW Accounting pride ourselves on providing a high level of service to our clients, for this reason when partnering with other firms it is important that they hold the same values when it comes to level of service, as they become an extension of the service you provide. We can safely say that we have been happy with the level of service that John has provided our clients. The whole process from introductions to completion of the capital allowances claim is seamless. All necessary information is provided and any questions are answered in timely and concise manner.”

Simon Miller

Cut Price Tiles

“We have been able to offset savings against future taxation & therefore we can only but recommend them. The entire process was painless and involved a simple survey & some simple questions that needed answering & the process time was less than 3 months. Therefore in conclusion, if anyone owns a commercial freehold building then these services are essential”

Jake Ezair

Jersey Street Properties Ltd

“Catax assisted us in claiming our Capital Allowances on two properties, both of which we benefited from highly. We found their service to be efficient and well-structured. Furthermore, the process was easy to follow and manage, with a very positive result. We would recommend their services to anyone owning a commercial property”

Geoff Hayward

Virginia Hayward Ltd

“Rarely respond to a telephone call when selling a service is the objective. However, in this case, I am pleased that I did and the result was to everyone’s benefit. Professionally handled and without any inconvenience to myself bar the obvious collecting of information. I would thoroughly recommend this company”

Hamid Rezaie

Foodline Cash and Carry

“The work that Catax did in regards to my capital allowance claim was very good and went nice and smoothly”

Peter Finlayson

Stratton Park Ltd

“We engaged Catax to assist us maximise the Capital Allowances available in connection with the offices premises we own. With their specialist knowledge they we able highlight areas where neither we nor our accountants knew the allowances were applicable. They managed to secure a significant reduction in our tax assessment and a rebate from previous years. This is a case where it pays to engage a specialist such as Catax”

Marcella Incarico

Out There Events

“Catax provided a service I found to be professional, efficient and beneficial. The financial gain I received exceeded my expectations, and would not have been possible without the team at Catax. I would not hesitate in recommending them”

Ian Murray

Old Colony House

“Catax provided us with a faultless service, professional and helpful throughout. As promised the end result benefited us greatly, would not hesitate in recommending them to others”

Jeremy Hague

The Egerton Arms

“Having bought the freehold from Punch Taverns, Catax did a quick and efficient survey – as promised they found a substantial amount of allowances which have been crucial to my business plan and saved me money too. Highly recommended”

Jay Jay


“Catax provided me with a brilliant service, a service I would highly recommend. They are providing a service that can truly benefit commercial property owners like myself”

Gary Edgerton

Daisy & Maisies Nursery

“Very good quality and efficient service”

Christine Devlin

Homestead Nursery (Wirral) Ltd

“We claimed the capital allowance back on two of our properties, both proved to be a massive success, the Catax excelled in every aspect of their role. Knowledgeable and efficient, they cannot be faulted. Should we ever need to do this exercise again in the future, Catax would be our first point of call, as the service that they offer is second to none”

David Bush

Penn Surgery

“I would like to say that the whole process from start to finish ran very smoothly with little input on our part. We are pleased with the outcome and would like to thank your team for the time you extended to us”

Mohamed Mourtada Sultan

The Ingham Practice

“We really appreciate your services and support. As a service user we give you 10 out of 10”

Dr. Peter Swinyard

Phoenix Surgery

“I have heard from HMRC that they have agreed tax rebate and “the cheque is in the post” – your invoice will be paid as soon as I have then fund with which to pay it. Your company has properly earned its reasonable fees. Thank you – appreciate your service”

Dr. Chau

Dr. Chau and Partners

“I decided to try Catax on recommendation a relative of my business partner. Being a GP and completely ignorant about Capital Allowances, I went ahead with the process on a ‘no win, no fee’ principle. I have been very impressed by the efficiency and the professionalism of Catax. There was communication at every step of the way informing me what to expect next. Everything happened like clockwork. I have no hesitation to recommend Catax to my fellow GPs”

Lynne Tomlinson

Kelvingrove Medical Centre

“We have been very happy with the service from Catax, thank you for your help”

Dr. Anne Meggs

Alison Lea Medical Practice

“When Catax first approached me I was rather sceptical at them being able to find anything that we could claim back from the HMRC. However, they did – and it was very well received!”

Dr. A Rahman

Salford Medical Centre

“Catax helped us getting Capital Allowances back from HMRC. We were not aware that we could claim this money back. It went very smoothly without involving too much work. Team was helpful on every step”

Sophia Nelson

Pensby Surgery

“Catax were very helpful – giving us a Benefits Analysis initially to see whether we were likely to benefit and if so, by how much, through to a thorough assessment and report enabling us to make a significant claim”

Sue Bailey

Christchurch FMC Development

“We employed Catax to investigate Capital Allowances on our Medical Centre. The process was completed very quickly with little involvement from ourselves. We were extremely happy with the hassle free work conducted by Catax and would happily recommend them to other practices”

Quang Nguyen

Highlands Surgery

“Catax were referred to us by our accountant. Their service has been speedy, accurate and beneficial for our business. I fully recommend their services”

Marcello Tulone

Watercress Dental House

“I thought that my accountant and I had always been efficient in claiming our capital allowance tax, so when a friend recommended Catax to me to review my Capital Allowances, I thought it was going to be a waste of time and possibly of money; I sat on that advice for possibly a year. Thanks to his insistence I gave Catax a call and was reassured of their ‘no win no fee’ structure. I am now ££££ better off. They have been brilliant!”

Dr. Carina Sharp

Maycroft Dental Practice

“I was very happy that I accepted a cold call from Catax regarding claiming back on Capital Allowances I was not previously aware existed. The process was quick and effective, and even after the fee payable I was able to save £1000s on my tax over the next 5 years”

Dr Vikram Chugani

Wood Lane Dentistry

“When Catax contacted me I was a bit sceptical as you get a lot of calls claiming to make you money for nothing. However, the process was seamless and I was indeed entitled to a rebate I or my accountant never knew existed”

Chris Whyte

Beechfield House Hotel

“I instructed Catax to investigate the unclaimed Capital Allowances in my hotel. The process went smoothly and their expertise and specialist knowledge helped realise a five figure tax benefit of which I received an immediate substantial rebate from HMRC and continue to feel the on-going financial benefit of their work. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other hotel owners”

Derek Barnes

The Old Courthouse

“It has been some 2 years now since the team at Catax helped me with my Capital Allowances to great effect, saving me money off my tax bill, I would thoroughly recommend using Catax”

Simon Rowland

Villa Retreats

“I was recommended to Catax by a close friend who had also used their service to great benefit. I would in turn recommend Catax and I found them to be friendly, professional and effective”

Emilio Savvidies

Rehotel Ltd

“We are very pleased with the service we have received from Catax. Our claim was dealt with very professionally by experienced staff within a very short span of time. We would definitely recommend them”

Lucksman Abeyesekera

Fairlands Hotel

“Pleased to place on record the high standard of Quality and the Professionalism we received from Catax. They were successful in gaining a substantial Tax Refund for L A Hotels, evidently due to their specialist knowledge and expertise in dealing with Inland Revenue on behalf of their clients. I am happy to recommend them for those who require such services”

Stuart Naylor

Chy Sunny

“I am impressed with the benefits that were received by doing this exercise, it required minimal input from myself but resulted in a substantial financial gain. Everyone that dealt with my claim contributed to making the whole experience run as smoothly as possible. A very worthwhile experience”

Stephen Surplus

Royal Cabanas

“All the dealings l have had with Catax have been very efficient and rebate was received without any problems”

Ralph Bolton

Cae Du Village

“I am very pleased with the service provided by Catax – they delivered exactly as promised in a professional manner”

Nick Bridges

Senoria De Aloha

“I used Catax to obtain a rebate on my Spanish FHL property. The report was very professionally put together and Catax staff were very helpful and efficient throughout the process. HMRC accepted the report without any issues and the final rebate significantly exceeded my initial expectations and I was very happy indeed”

Helen McDermott

Gara Garth

“I have no complaints, the whole process ran brilliantly, smooth, efficient and professional”

Colin Leahy

Bluebell Cottage

“Very pleased, the amount we received was an unexpected surprise, Catax are thorough and professional, and I would recommend to others without a doubt”

Nick Cox

Warwick Mall

“Catax exceeded my expectations in every way possible; I would have no hesitation recommending their services to others. The Specialist team at Catax have extensive knowledge of Capital Allowances. Their efficient and hands on approach, ensured that a smooth and professional service was carried out from start to finish. Thanks to their expertise I received an unexpected financial gain”

Ian Murray

Winwick Quay LLP

“Catax provided us with a faultless service, professional and helpful throughout. As promised the end result benefited us greatly, would not hesitate in recommending them to others”

Gerry Eccles

G & S Eccles

“We employed Catax to assist with us in regards to tax relief on my commercial property. They completed the process quickly and with little effort from myself. I found the process to be extremely beneficial and was very helpful with the result”

Anthony Shaw

Anthony Shaw Leisure Ltd

“The Staff at Catax are friendly and helpful; I was informed each step of the way and found the personal touch from Catax exceptional. This is one company that comes up with the goods to which one employs them for, they don’t just talk about it, they get the job done quickly”

Andrew Tuck

Bluebell Court Ltd

“Catax were able to identify Capital Allowances embedded within our Care Facility that had previously gone ignored. The Catax team were extremely helpful and informative along each step of the process. We received a substantial benefit immediately and are continuing to feel the positive effect of the claim. I would be happy to recommend them to others within the Care profession”

Robin Bentley

Elvemore Ltd

“Before working with Catax I was unaware of the Capital Allowances I could receive on my Car Dealership. The process was simple, we received comprehensive reports, and a professional service was carried out from start to finish. Catax enabled me to receive an unexpected financial gain and I would be happy to recommend their services to others within the motor industry”

Paul Mcdonnell

P & M Autobodies

“Can you thank the people that worked on it for me, I thought it would take up a lot of my time, the process turned out to be very easy for me”

Car Dealership

Catax were instructed in June 2014 to carry out an audit and subsequent analysis for any unclaimed Capital Allowances on a car dealership based in Essex. The property was acquired in 1996 at a purchase cost of £3,432,000. After the investigation, Catax identified at total claim of £406,386 of unclaimed Capital Allowances. Claimable items includes, heating & air-conditioning, mechanical installations, electrical installations and communication installations

Scott Perkins

The Bridge House B&B

“Catax Solutions worked efficiently to identify the appropriate Capital Allowance claim without relying on our firm in any way”

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