Agriculture, Potato Farm

Date: December 2, 2020

Our client runs a successful UK potato farm, producing a wide variety of potato crops for seeding and the consumer market in the UK. Choosing to diversify their stock and improve their storage facilities to increase their business, the company found they needed to invest in the development of their facilities.

They undertook two projects, the first focusing on their storage facilities, resulting in a 12-month program of development managed internally with support of external subcontractors. They required a facility that could hold a large quantity of produce for extended periods while maintaining optimum quality. To ensure this, they retrofitted a bespoke facility incorporating a drywall, ventilation system and a new software system to control and monitor the conditions. This resulted in absolute control of the temperature, humidity and carbon monoxide levels within their facility, all running on lower power levels than previously used.

Their second project focused on their potato stock, trilling new varieties in varying conditions to see if it was a viable investment. This project included renting acreage to test a range of soils and conditions, alongside intensive testing and monitoring of the conditions and quality checking the resulting crops.

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