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European CEO: Behind the curve: why Europe is stuttering in the global tech race

There is plenty of discussion as to whether the US or China will end up .

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Natwest: Protecting your SME’s IP rights overseas

Selling in more than one market is a key step for many SME owners as their .

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Accountancy Today: Why is the UK falling behind on R and D spending?

Research and development is fundamental to economic growth, Mark Tighe, CEO .

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Blog: A Day in the Life of an R&D Specialist

By Joseph Oldham, Senior Specialist Tax Consultant at Catax Perhaps it .

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Blog: Tax Talk – The Effects of post 2014 Pooling Requirements

By Mark Anthistle, Senior Capital Allowances Analyst at Catax The Current .

Read more How To Grow Profits Without Winning New Clients

Plenty of businesses achieve growth by increasing sales. But there are two .

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R&D in Food Manufacturing

We find that many companies assume that the projects they carry out are not .

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R&D in the FinTech Sector

What is FinTech? References to ‘FinTech’, or Financial Technologies, have .

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Catax Introduces Fourth Service – Remediation of Contaminated Land

Remediation of Contaminated Land – Catax’s New Service As a result of .

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Blog: Tax Talk – In which scenarios do R&D tax reliefs fail?

By Nigel Holmes, Head of R&D Technical Operations at Catax. This .

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Blog: What Exactly is R&D Tax Relief?

Hello! My name is Karen and I’m going to talk to you about Research & .

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