IP100/ Botts Event

Date: November 8, 2019

Join the IP100 on 12 November as we partner with Baker Botts to bring you the second of their series on the Lifecycle of a High Growth Company.

Designing and implementing IP Strategy will look at how a company develops, protects and revises its IP strategy and portfolio as it, and the market develops.

You will hear from IP Partner Neil Coulson as he draws on case studies from his experience to guide you through the issues you will face and solutions, across all intellectual property rights including patents, trade-marks, copyright, designs, trade secrets and data.

Stephen Robertson of IP100 & IP Valuation firm Metis Partners will then provide a valuable insight into the commercial side of developing an IP Strategy: what form the IP Strategy should take, what you should show your investors, what are the key components and how do you measure if it’s working. He will touch on how often it should be reviewed and how it remains relevant every month / quarter to your business strategy, continued growth and success towards a fundraising, international expansion or exit.

Following their recent acquisition by Nasdaq listed Tilray Inc, we are thrilled that Emile Bernard, co-founder of Smith & Sinclair will also be joining us to speak about the company’s IP strategy and how this combined with their track record of innovation, ultimately helped secure a successful M&A deal.

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