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Specialist Tax Consultant

Date: December 2, 2019

Specialist Tax Consultant 

This client facing role involves undertaking a discovery into businesses’ projects / activities and expenditure in relation to research and development for tax relief purposes. It incorporates ascertaining project qualification under government guidelines, which project phases qualify for relief, and calculating expenditure in relation to the people and costs involved.

Our business deals with every type of sector and every level of company, therefore the types of businesses engaged are diverse, but generally consultations are conducted with the senior management of limited companies.
Specialist Tax Consultants (STCs) must develop a strong understanding of government guidelines / legislation and HMRC guidance in regard to research and development activity, however previous experience of this is not required to be successful in the role, as training will be provided. This knowledge is then applied to clients’ businesses and a report is developed, spelling out the level of approved activity present.

This role is split approximately between 1/3 of the week spent on report writing and internal documentation and 2/3 on client visits, with regular overnight stays required.

This role requires both strong analytical skills and the ability to be client facing.


Role and Responsibilities
• Overall business analysis including discussions about the shape of a client’s business and the internal processes within it to establish qualifying projects (purpose, problems, solutions, time frames)
• Establishing the extent to which business processes have been re-engineered to obtain the best results
• Establishing key staff involved in projects (roles, background, experience)
• Evaluating qualifying research and development activity present in relation to HMRC guidance and legislation
• Reviewing and interpreting the organisation’s financial accounts
• Formulating a report on key activity and associated qualifying costs
• Thoroughly documenting activity on the company’s internal systems
• Attention to detail and robust organisational skills – including time management
• Strong verbal and written communication proficiency and proven ability to guide stakeholders to achieve common goals
• Ability to interact with clients in a professional and technically competent manner
• Exceptional interpersonal skills
• Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with senior business owners/leaders
• Professional report writing experience (e.g. strategies, reports, briefings)
• Strong analytical skills
• Client engagement experience, either with businesses or non-profits
• Methodical, systematic approach to problem solving
• Clean driving licence
• Team working skills – along with a demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with others from a wide range of backgrounds
• Awareness to learn

Experience of one or more of following would be beneficial:
• Quantitative or qualitative research experience
• Experience within a field of science or technology
• Experience working in sectors where R&D is prevalent (e.g. software, manufacturing, technology)
• Experience in report writing to deadlines
• Experience of working with financial documentation

Intensive training is provided. As part of this, approximately three weeks will be spent speaking to clients
(similar to an office-based Research Analyst role) in a technical capacity to gather initial information over the
phone about potential qualifying project activity and then conducting phone-based consultations, before fully
transitioning into the field-based role.

The aim is to provide the opportunity to learn about relevant HMRC legislation, become familiar with our
clients and gain a robust grounding in company processes and procedures before conducting client visits.

Excellent Package including company car.

Level: Intermediate/ Experienced
Closing Date: 13/03/20
Job Ref: STC

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