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Blog: Tax Talk – Tax year end update

By Nigel Holmes, Head of R&D Technical Operations at Catax. As the tax .

Read more Software development firms should cash in on R&D tax credits

New research shows that more than 90% of tech firms have developed new .

Read more UK tech sector loses millions by failing to claim tax credits for R&D

Forty per cent of UK tech companies are losing out, warns tax consultant .

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Business Manchester: Innovative Manchester businesses could benefit from millions more in R&D tax relief

Businesses in Manchester could be claiming millions more in research and .

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The Telegraph: Seven ways small businesses can be cannier with their finances

A range of experts consider some useful but lesser-known financial products .

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Accounting Web: Capital Allowances: HMRC applied wrong version of the law

By Nigel Holmes, Head of R&D Technical Operations at Catax. In a case .

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Blog: Tax Talk – How do we work out Capital Allowances?

By Mark Anthistle – Senior Capital Allowances Analyst at Catax In .

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Construction Update: Why construction firms should be claiming millions more in R&D tax credits

With its strong focus on better, more cost effective, secure and .

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Blog: Tax Talk – Joint R&D and Capital Allowances claims

By Nigel Holmes, Senior Tax Specialist at Catax. Research & Development .

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Blog: Why it’s important to have a positive working culture

By Alexandra Witek, Business & Marketing Support Executive at Catax. We .

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Manchester Evening News: Catax passes £200m milestone for clients

Rapidly expanding specialist tax consultancy Catax has passed the £200m .

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