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Lawyer Monthly: UK Lags Behind Romania, Latvia And Slovakia In R&D Gender Equality

The UK’s R&D gender balance is lagging behind EU countries not .

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Growth Business: How can I reduce my company tax bill?

Amazon has cut its company tax bill in the UK this year, instigating anger .

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Best Advice: £8bn threat to commercial property owners

Commercial property owners could be hit for more than £8.6 billion if they .

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Blog: Tax Talk – Accounting for Research & Development Costs

By Nigel Holmes, Senior Tax Specialist at Catax Accounting for Research .

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Property Reporter: Commercial property owners warned to revalue or risk being stung for £8.6bn

New research by specialist tax relief firm Catax shows that commercial .

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Mortgage Introducer: Upcoming tax change could cost commercial property owners more than £8.6bn

Commercial property owners could be forced to pay more than £8.6bn if they .

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Aircraft Interiors International: UK engineering firms are wasting millions due to a tax blind spot

More than 8 in 10 engineering firms in the UK could be eligible for .

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Blog: Tax Talk – Research & Development Allowances (RDAs)

By Nigel Holmes, Senior Tax Specialist at Catax This is a favourite topic .

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Blog: Top 10 Capital Allowances FAQs

By Lizzie Percival, Group Brand Marketing Manager at Catax Gathered below .

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Taxation: Using patent box tax relief scheme

The British government is obsessed with research and development (R&D). .

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Blog: Tax Talk – Mandatory Pooling

By Mark Anthistle, Senior Capital Allowance Analyst at Catax Prior to April .

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